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Consumer financial information do not know why fell to hear the voice of the question of what is the judging criteria.
Seems not many others confused or reason in themselves fell into the review, how do I pass inspection.
Review of consumer finance has certain standards.
Watching where borrowing by companies not disclosed contents of the screening criteria, but they must also know the extent.
This section discusses consumer review. The consumer review is being done how?
Fundamentals of consumer lending criteria, “or” money mile you’ll get back.
Company is doing as a business loan, whether those who lent the money can pay off nicely, do the examination to qualify.
It is a screening system called “Shin scoring credit” is a representative example of the screening criteria.
Given Shin scoring for loan and credit Shin scoring the other credit (credibility) scoring (quantify) is a way to determine that.
Consumer finance companies and sets its own assessment, give you points for that item to loan applicants, examination results to determine the total score.
To give Shin scoring to give Shin scoring the two ‘attribute scoring”and”credit information scoring two.
And attribute scoring evaluates the attributes of the borrower, such as income and employment.
-Evaluate the income, employment, employer, occupation and seniority and dwelling form… such as getting credit scoring information and borrower credit information from credit bureaus.
-Loan number, payment history and loan delinquencies… more than scoring two, consumer finance credit worthiness of the borrower to determine is.
And as part of the evaluation criteria used in the consumer credit Shin scoring the following, or what the criteria is easily made it to the table. Evaluation items increases your salary final salary as good employment type full-time over said no stable occupation, company officials said. would rather not owner-occupied dwelling form long years of service as good as one of the few good borrowing from better debt overdue repayment history? pay off nicely coded key items in the table on the right
And this is just 1 example.
Actually, in the examination of consumer finance dozens and evaluation items and from there scores, review.
Conducts a given Shin scoring based on criteria varies depending on supplier, in the company of almost this sort of examination and review items.Let’s, the especially important when reviewing consumer finance in particular to items in the following.
Income stability as annual consumer finance in absolute terms is necessary.
This is not limited to employees, is in an ongoing income part-time or part you can apply.
It is most likely not destined to return to debt becomes a bad debt.
So, being the most important criteria is the salary.
Employee hiring form favorable but temporary employees and contract employees, part-time, etc issues.
However, housewife (her husband) no income on your own, so sign up for that.
Examination of dwelling and living years of consumer finance affects type of residence and age.
I’d have more than a year at a minimum residence period.
Less than a year but other items may receive financing without issues is small, but.
Longer than people to move quickly from reliable consumer finance side, but for the people who live in the same place.
And lower body are hard up for money and affordability means lots of borrowing conditions, the number of debt repayment history will judge.
Furthermore, in delay of payment and arrears in the past is hard to pass inspection.
Examination of the consumer wants to know is the repayment ability of the borrower.
I cannot credit repayment capacity is low, consumer finance.
Late repayment < articles &gt; consumer finance with! How do?
Also check credit information credit information always available.
This is the watch to this person can pay off nicely.
Late payment and non-payment and effect examination.
Never resonates far review if once late and non-payment is a past delays in repayment for at least 3 months, and ability to repay is not determined.
I hate to not properly repay the lending side.
So, it is deemed to be suspicious.
Also, you cannot pass inspection if the past five years has caused the accident.
Take accident information and cannot loan for five years, new for not making a loan or credit card.
Over period of time, also able to borrow five years must wait. Through the examination of consumer financial tricks are?
As advantageous to review prepared in advance and review the easy street.
I wonder if I have any preparation.
Consumer credit in &gt; articles < passing to the examination!