[Jibun Bank experiences] debt exposure. Marital crisis [Caching encyclopedia]

D (Gifu Prefecture, 32-year-old woman, part) was when I was 6 years old, married my grandpa probably Bank loans experience above my wife faced the crisis.
The beginning is my husband quit his job.
Quit one year ago since he was very not that busy work, take time off, will lean more and more, every day until the last train near overtime or in complexion is bad in killed the company entertained was enjoying, I think.
I’m was relieved when told he wants to quit company because it was so much.
But why is the company or without let me quit easily, like severely said too snidely… and so was there were effects of alcohol, I’ve quit crying and at home.
Whether or not that’s why mentally or physically damaged from…, his difficult job won’t start seems.
Seems to go out of the House, although wearing a suit is, Hello, interview or where the company’s been really really was…, even if they had done the first, didn’t pass would be was so Haggard Buri.
I’m not too, so you can understand why it ended up side by side, however, watched him from the pursuit.
What money is falling inexorably alone still living day to day was also struggling… the savings are running out quickly like the only part of my poor income monthly State of the deficit.
In that I opened the mail arrived addressed to her husband during the noticed he was carrying debt on consumer finance.
I was a boatload of 1 million yen, from 見過gosenakute indeed, ask my husband.
Then something work-related stress in the pachinko and Club I went, and I say trivial of course it’s pocket money I just borrowed it.
Indeed had been cut and a big fight. It is it’s what did not?
Doing so hard part not much money or savings will decrease the numbers, or worse day by day, but come floating in my head nothing might become unpleasant. Though.
Less debt and argue without…, for the time being in front of the situation in reality, could not escape from this I decided to think and not managed this debt lightly or not would be or.So how to at least reduce the interest alone is not checked on the net.
It self and ended up, operated by the au was Bank loans.
This self au limited discount that can be rented at a rate of 12.5% au user 借ri換etara from other loans at the Bank, there was.
Once, this discount is applied just like 30000 yen each when you return because interest is reduced up to 230000.
170000 less than the difference between large decided to refinance this loan because it was an au and the mobile.
Self, I signed up for bank loans in the name of my husband is unemployed.
Even though could come review through contact or pass inspection I part from you, I was nervous, but continued many years and had worked for and borrow safely.
Then truncated households, while we continue and repayment. My husband is from that.
That burdened at a meaning as debt from various ill-Sapporo! and who fell out back to animated 憑ki物 fell, and doing the job.
Not that a good saying passed the first interview came in and would leave.
I think recently I do cheering and watching after that he start over until I got married and when debt was discovered why something like this would have been, but it is hard.
And live support is in hard times because of husband and wife, gotta like it.
Forsaking more editorial than a healthy when we walk together;
When a married couple is so swear, but honestly, is said to practice it difficult also, anyway.
It is a problem could get shaken even ready until the resignation of her husband, undecided candidates, and debt exposure, no matter how deep affection.
It seems to survived the other aspects I D and his wife, but still could ruin and ceasing between husband and wife, so in moderation is safe.
Well, this time d shitaji probably Bank, launched in collaboration with au and Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Internet banking is.
Transfers and withdrawals, is characterized by money transfer service done in Smartphone app for all services, such as various types of loans.
Au limited discount, that discount on interest rate loans here, as au users limited campaign financing from other loans and services are expanding.愛媛県今治市のプロミス店舗一覧検索